Motion capture animation on custom rig with hand done animation_Batman character

I have build a small scene of batcave and did character animation on arkham asylum batman in blender and rendered using eevee. I created advance Ik spline rig on batman character from scratch and then brought mocap walkcycle animation on main humanoid bones(that deform the character) from mixamo and retarget that on to my advance spline Ik rig without using and script or addons. After baking the animation on my control objects I edited the main walk cycle animation and added the rest of the animation on top of the walkcycle. Then I build the cave around and did lighting and rendering using eevee. And this is the final result in front of you. It is just unbelievable for me how I figure out a way to retarget mocap data onto a self-made rig just using normal tools blender offers, using no other special features scripts or addons. Just Imagine how many possibilities will this open for animator. You can use both mocap data and hand done animation with each other effortlessly onto your rig,