Motion capture animation very low fps?

Hi everyone. I’ve imported a rig from MakeHuman (with the cmu compatible skeleton) and am using a bvh from the CMU mocap database. For some reason, when I play the animation it is very slow and only 3-4 fps. I’ve changed the playback to ‘Frame Dropping’ as someone suggested online but that only makes it play faster, but still low fps and choppy. Can anyone help?

look at the bottom-left of your 3D win when you play the anim.

If the frames appear anything but white, you’re under 30 fps.

This means your machine cannot achieve the mesh deform quick enough.

This can be for multiple reasons:

  • cpu is too weak
  • too many bones/wheights_groups/model verts
  • too many keys/sec in animation

You can generally assume that for a

  • 4-5K triangles mesh
  • animated with 20-30 bones
  • 30-40 weight groups
  • 1 key every 33ms
  • on a P3 or ryzen5

should run at least at 30 fps

If you’re slower, just check all those criterias. i bet you’ll quickly find the problem origin :slight_smile:

Happy blending !

EDIT: oh and btw…

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My processor is a Core i7 overclocked to 4.0 ghz so I doubt that is the issue.

Apparently I have 606,400 tris ! - I’m new to 3D modelling but I assume that’s triangles? If so, it sounds like a lot for a single mesh. I’ve only got the human mesh, light and camera in my scene. Could the size of the mesh have something to do with it? It’s much larger than the cube in the default project at startup.

As for the keys, the keyframes are those yellow numbers, right? It goes up each time the character moves slightly, presumably 1ms (?) up until it reaches 68.

That is a lot of tris (yes, triangles) for a deforming mesh.