motion capture from video (any alternatives?)

This program looks interesting, apparently there was a demo about around a year ago, i tried looking for alternative programs that do the same thing but couldnt find any. Does any one know of any at all?

VisualMarker is a fast and easy to use utility for converting 2D marker positions to skeletal based models. The real-time calculations provide full visual control at any stage of the capturing process. VisualMarker can use up to four video streams for motion capture, and does not require special camera calibration or large specialized room placement. VisualMarker supports not only the industry standard BioVision BVH format but also a native format for game development

taken from site :

Google is your friend to finding stuff. there is Icarus and Voodoo for motion tracking. I don’t have experience with either, but there are threads here that do.

It sounds like you want motion capture and not match moving. Most mocap systems use multiple cameras and are quite expensive, though the Wikipedia article lists at least freeware one, EyesWeb. You might also try the Yahoo! motion capture group.

yeah, motion capture is what im after. This program, visualmarker 2, seems to combine tracking of points from a video to build an armature from. I just wondered if any one knew of any other programs that did that

There seems to be a freeware program called Dgeeme, but I have heard that BVH files that it exports are corrupted somehow. Latest update is over year old, so I don’t know if there is going to be an update for it. Maybe people should ask the developer about further plans for the program (or maybe even ask him considering releasing the source code, it would be awesome addition to blender :wink: )

ahh excellent! i’ll give this a go. Big thanks!

Currently plaing with Dgeeme, eyesweb and anything that looks practical. Doing 2d tests with a single cam for now, dont want to rush out and buy multiple cams if it doesnt look feasable. Will post results if I get any