Motion Capture Puppet

A Japanese company, SoftEther, has come up with a hand-manipulated motion capture puppet (it looks like an artist’s model). It connects to your PC through USB and the joints feature sensors that detect when they’ve been moved or adjusted and translates those movements to the character in your 3D software.

The article (with video) is here…

The SoftEther website (in Japanese)…


That´s no motion capture puppet, that´s a posing puppet. If you want to capture motions with that thing you need a tiny fantasy creature that fits into the plastic puppet :slight_smile:

Nonetheless, from an artistic side I can see that I would love this thing to pre-pose a “molding blank” and take it to sculptris and go crazy.
I think also for 3D->2D comic stuff it is a great addition. Many cartoonists that work with 3d dont really have expertise in it and this way they don´t neet to use software to pose the character.

If the thing has a reasonable price I´ll order one for the fun of it. Google translate tells me they´ll also have an documented API, so it would be possible to link it to a Blender armature.

Funny little toy? Yes!
MoCap Puppet? Naaaaaay.

It takes more time to pose one of these than to actually do it yourself in the viewport :rolleyes:

Now, if you could make the puppet move from the bone data, you got a very cool robot right there.

It look really cool, but a step backwards.
Jurassic Park initially used this method as an input device, but I think it was abandoned.