Motion Capture Tools Add-on won't activate


I’m trying to use the Motion Capture suite that was released last year with Blender 2.59. Looks like a fantastic tool. I downloaded all the .py files and placed them in the appropriate location. It shows up under Add-ons, but it when I click the check mark nothing happens! It remains disabled! No other add-on installed has this issue. According to the documentation, I just copy the files into the folder and click the check mark. Why won’t it work??

the tools appears in the object properties panel(orange cube), at the very end

it sounds like he was asking why the addons won’t activate in the first place, not where to find the tools :wink:

@cyangamer - start blender from the console, or, if you’re using Windows, there’s an option to open the console in the “Help” menu on the top toolbar in Blender. try enabling the addon and see if any errors pop up in the console. please paste them here if you receive any

ahhh my bad, read too fast.

Thank you all for taking the time to help. :slight_smile:

Here’s what prints:

Incidently, Blender 2.64a doesn’t do this. The version released just prior to this one (I guess 2.64) was breaking my models so I stuck with Blender 2.59. It looks like whatever was making Blender crash with my models was fixed with this current version, so there probably isn’t a big need to really solve this issue now.