Motion Capture

I imported a motion capture file, hoping to study how the curves work that way. I’ve tried every last guide out there, none of them do jack squat.

So I load this thing in, but NO MATTER WHAT I DO, NO curves show up at all. Ever.

Also, is it possible to take a milkshape3d model, and make it’s motion match the one of the imported motion capture?

Sorry about multiple threads; slow to post, pressed button multiple times.

Where are you expecting them to turn up? Did you import it as an armature? Select a bone, change the curve type in the IPO editor to Pose.

Answer to your second question: possibly, but it won’t be easy, so, brace yourself. There are some tutorials in the wiki about re targeting motion capture, have a read of them.


When I import this model, (milkshape), there is a mesh and a skeleton. The skeleton is very complex, but in the ipo curve editor, there is only the location and rotation channels. How do I control a specific part of the skeleton?

kay, I figured out how to do that… but there are a lot of bones here that do nothing!

And there appears to be no good way of making this dude’s shoulder pivot instead of stretching…