Motion Category entry for post-apo #kb3dcontest - Two Towers. eevee rulez!

Hello blender fellows!

I would like to present to you my latest work done in eevee. Post-apo contest for KitBash3D.

C&C most welcome


Looks sweet, great job! Only fault I could find is that everything seems uniformly blurry, like nothing is really in focus, and it’s kinda hard for your eyes to catch onto anything. I don’t know why this is, maybe the contrast is a bit too low or maybe try leading the eye with depth of field. Other than that awesome work!

Great work Adrian, I really love it!!

Good composition, physic sim, SFX.

I’m wondering if the blurry effect, that LG_787 is talking about, is not rather due to the low resolution. I undestand it’s in 1400x506, which probably gives this unsharpened effect on most HD monitors.
If you did it on Evee as it’s written, you probably had no issue on render time, so you could have rendered it as HD for almost the same price, right?

I’d have two other minor details for comment: 1) you could maybe have worked a little bit more on the closeup at the beginning of the shot, which looks more “CG” than the rest of the sequence.
2) Why not sent the missile more from the left side, so we could see and follow more its trajectory.

Great job anyway!

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original file is on vimeo, you can check auto-quality and change it to HD, cause frame was rendered in 1920x628px, should looks good :slight_smile: thx for good words guys! although rendering this sequence take only 3,5h (sic!) eevee is so powerfull!

I was trying to simulate piercing projectile, that’s why shell goes through mech arm and hits the ground. There is cannon on top of the tower, you can see cannon rotating to it’s correct place when camera is going near ground. sooo… sooo small detail xD i almost cried about it doing this stuff.