Motion Graphic Artist

Job Status: open

Subject: SVG and Motion Graphic Artist

Description: I’m looking for a Motion Graphic Artist to collaborate with me for ongoing work. The first project consists of mainly animating SVG’s and other moGraph elements. Ideally, I’d be creating the main animations and you would be filling in details or performing ‘plus ups’ to my animations. Attached image is an example of a scene I’m currently working on where I would like someone to help with the detail animations, ie; animating the tracks and gears so they look all pretty. Though many of you are wonderful artists, I’m not looking for people who specialize in stills. This, and all future projects, will be animations. For other examples of the type of work you’d be helping with, please checkout my website:

Payment: $20/hr or DOE

Contact: [email protected] (MUST include link to portfolio in opening message or will not be considered)

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