Motion graphic effect

This is a video showing you the possibilities in Blender and motion graphic design.

Some tests

Wow that’s really nice! Would you mind sharing some tipps or even make a small how-to video? I suppose made use of the 3 vertex weight modifiers to control the effects? It would be awesome if you could tell us a bit more =)

Let me guess. This probably involves displacement modifier, wireframe modifier, dinamic paint, vertex groups and something more…

recreate the effect then.

This is awesome. Please share some more information, looking into recreating something using the same or similar method :slight_smile:

Just guessing. Maybe I´ll give them a try

Interesting tests. Any information on how the effect is produced?

Random YouTubers are probably going to want to get their grip on this. The sphere looks somewhat familiar to me, something that you see while dubstep is playing?