Motion graphics and color?

Hi folks,

I have a question about how to get correct colors in Blender when doing motion graphics.

This is what i did:

I made a color swatch on

I copied the colors over to my Blender material by copy / pasting the HEX.

My scene has fully black background and no lighting. So my color is coming from an emission shader.

When i compare my Blender material to the color, it’s slightly different. I think it’s mostly a brightness difference.

So i have two questions:

a) is my workflow (using an emission shader) the best one for flat colors in motion graphics?

b) is there any way to ensure the colors are identical, or do i just have to except that different applications will display colors differently? Or is there some setting i can tweak in Blender to ensure they’re identical?


Blender actually transforms the colors, so it is to be expected to see slight differences.

Maybe choosing “raw” for “view Transform” does the trick?

Edit: here are some explanations: