Motion graphics artists: shared revenue model at Artomotion

Hi all,

Quite nervous about this post being ‘acceptable’ on this forum. Hoping this is okay. :slight_smile:

I have spent some time getting a new video template service – called Artomotion – ready for Beta. The idea is similar to After Effects template sites such as VideoHive, with the major improvement being that we don’t require the end user to learn software, we just present the customization as a web form and render in the cloud on their behalf – delivering the user the final video instead of a complex template they need to learn.

So anyway, I figure that some blender artists might have some animation/motion graphics files that they might want to earn some royalties for, or the service may inspire them to create one! Have a look at the Artomotion dot com site to see what sort of video/render files we’re talking about, and then if this seems like something you’d be interested in, there is a feedback page (which asks specifically about blender artists with a keen interest in motion graphics) to get in touch.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell how much royalty-per-download will be available yet, because we haven’t settled on a final price ($25 and $45 for 720p and 1080p is the start price, so there is ample room for royalties, but the price per render might be too high right now – we’re obviously testing the market!) We’d also be open to hearing what might be a good rate for the service: for customers and for artists. The service obviously chews server CPU, so there are costs to be covered in delivery to customers.

In general we are more interested in ‘Corporate Pitch’ style animations than, say, “Alien spaceships invades, see the cool robot explode” :o for obvious reasons. Check out just about any video template site to see the kinds of things that sell in this space.

Lastly, we do not assume any Python skills for your expressions of interest. We can help you or even completely set up your blender file for the service. Also, don’t worry if your file has no audio or catchy soundtrack. I’m seeking musicians for this, too.

Feedback of all kinds is most welcome. And, again, apologies if you see these kinds of posts all the time, or this is not right for this forum.

Many thanks,
Duncan from the Artomotion team.

PS. Artomotion works solely with Blender files, not other formats such as After Effects, just to be perfectly clear.

Hi all,

The Artomotion service now has a Blender file upload form. For a quick tutorial go to:

At the moment the Royalty split we have decided on during Beta is 50% / 50% between the Blender artist and the Artomotion service. You can set your own price for 720p and 1080p formats.

Please get in touch via our feedback form if you have any comments or questions.

Thanks once again!

Duncan from Artomotion.

Hi! your project sounds very interesting, I’ll give it a try