Motion Graphics Project Seeking Help

The Blender foundation has demonstrated the power of open source solutions through short 3d animated film and game projects. But we are working on a project that proves Blender’s power on another level and in another genre. We are creating an independent, feature length documentary about a State Championship sports team. The documentary has already completed filming. Editing has been done in Blender’s video sequencer.

We are looking for talented Blender artists to join the project to add motion graphics to the edits through the use of Blender’s new motion tracking abilities, and to use Blender for color correction and image effects/filters. The goal of this project is to produce a feature length film that proves Blender has the muscle of expensive solutions like After Effects, and is capable not only as a complete 3d animation pipeline, but a complete live action pipeline as well.

This is a unique and creative project that we hope will represent Blender well. If you are interested let me know. It will not require a long term commitment, but rather a short, focused one.

Happy Blending

Humm. I don’t think you will get many responses unless you prove you have a quality project in mind and have already put good work into it. If you do, then I might consider it. Feature length? Not long term? Call me a skeptic, but this may take longer than you think. Also you better have a good story or else all the work will go to waste.

Good luck

Guaging interest. A website detailing the project will be up soon. Your skepticism might be because I did not clarify well enough. Full VFX are not needed. We’re certainly not dealing with creating large or render intensive graphics. Just simple but themed and stylized enhancements to certain sections of the film (think along the lines of the text effects from Zombie Land). We have a studio ready to do the work, but they would not want the finished effects to be open sourced. This is unfortunate but understandable, so we wanted first to see if the community would be interested in helping. Even if not, I plan to link the finished product here, since Blender was used in the pipeline.

Does anyone involved in the project have a reel that interested parties can take a look at? IE who is directing/art directing/DPing? Do you have any styleframes done?