Motion Graphics question

I am a motion graphics designer working mostly in After Effects but wanting to incorporate blender into my workflow. Does anyone have any samples of motion graphics done in blender or know of any sites that might have some info or samples? I’m finding my way around in Blender alright but am looking to advance my knowledge/ skills in a way that I can use professionally. Most projects that I work on involve a fast turn around and focus mainly on photographs, video and text. So for this purpose, complex modeling / texturing is pretty much out… I have used the “export camera data to after effects” script and have found it very helpful. I am not trying to do away with after effects, I am just trying to open up a bit. Basically I am asking for resources, similar experiences, or what ever anyone has to say on this topic.
Thanks, any input would be very much appreciated.

There is some neat stuff on vimeo. Search for “blender motion graphics” and it turns up a few pages of vids, some of which are nice. Similar searches on other video sites might also turn up cool stuff.

BTW, here’s one of my favorites:

I love those “watch it being built” videos. Have you seen the one of the guy who models the fly?

I’m a graphic/motion designer and I was in the same position than you are, five years ago. I had a decent After Effects experience and I wanted to broaden my skills in motion design/animation, especially in 3D CGI (which is pretty raw in AE). So I started to learn Blender and I can tell you that it’s really great to work with these two softwares.