Motion Path needs a serious UPDATE!

Ok, the animation tools in Blender are allright but there needs to be serious improvements in some aspect.

Amongst the most urgent one is the ‘‘Calculate Motion path’’…

Well, not only it is quite quirky to use as it doesn’t always update accordingly and never updates with changes in the graph/dope sheet editor but second…GOSH, it’s so smaaaallll…

As an animator, you want to be able to visualize your arcs and yours curves CLEARLY, this is not helping at all…and it’s so weird since this should be amongst the most simple tools to implement in a 3d software (isnt it?)?

Now second little rant:

There are alot of usefool animation tools available in the Pose panel

Such a shame those tools only work with Bones…it means. It really constrains and limits the user to always parent objects under bones even for simple stuff like animating a cube while still having those tools available…

Think this is going to change one day? It really slows down the user. Blender is getting quite solid in the modelling department but for rigging/animation, it has quite alot to cath up…

Even basic stuff like this is lacking. Big props to the animators who worked on Cosmos Laundromat, with such tools, they really weren’t helped…


Agree with the motion paths, until recently even animation playback was a huge problem. I would also like to rant about non existent internal mocap tools in blender (an old addon for a gsoc years ago doesn’t count in my oppinion).

About the motion path update is known issue.
The big problem we have is we have only one or two person who is active developing animation in Blender and those persons are voluntary job on their free time.
I thought the motion path update will be easy implement, i looked at the codes, it is kind of difficult. I believe ali will do it when he have free time.

That’s sad. Animation is a huge aspect in Computer Graphics… To think after so many years, the team doesn’t have any focus on it.

Any way we can contact or get some insight on how the animation in Cosmos Laundromat was done? Some tips and tricks would be appreciated!

You guys know any script helpful to animation? Like a better motion path visualizer?

As long as i know there is not addon that does the motion path (MP) auto update when moving the key in graph editor. One of the main animator in CL asked for some love for MP ( scroll down the page to the bottom). For some tips Iceland guys put some video showing his process in Youtube and in the cloud as well.

There is a patch in the tracker and waiting for last review ( may be you can put your 2cents there.
May be someone else know better, I have noticed that many of Blender old animators are so inactive with community, no need to blame them animation is time consuming. May be someone is developer something. We can just keep asking.

I’m using Blender primarily for character animation work. It was the strength of the animation tools that first attracted me over. Also some of the wonderful animation work I saw being done with it.
There are still a lot of rough edges and missing features and I’ve brought many of them up myself. But I don’t think it’s fair to conclude that very little effort is getting put into the animation tools when a lot of effort very obviously has.
Personally I love the rigging system. I think it’s great strength is speed and usability and the ability to make deep changes on the fly. It’s very robust and very flexible. I find the dope sheet and graph editors really great to work with too. The motion path is a little funky right now and not perfect, but I would also say it is still functional and usable.
The tools are improving all the time and the road map and development is transparent. I would argue as well that Blender developers are innovating in many areas’s too.

Maya and Softimage took very many years and a vast amount of financial resources to get where they are now. Blender has got where it is today with limited funds and a vast amount of heart and passion.
I first used Maya professionally way back in the Aliaswavefront days, when it was far less user friendly and didn’t have so many of these workflow features that get taken for granted now. Seen from that perspective the current direction is looking very promising.
Try to get more involved if you can by supporting the developers, if you haven’t already. :slight_smile:
The more people get directly involved and the more resources they have the better it can be. You can find lots of animation info on Cosmos Laundromat and the other films on the Blender Cloud and you would also be helping with development by joining up too. Also worth giving CG Cookie a look. They have some great Blender animation tuition material such as Character Animation Toolkit.

This is an issue I’ve thought about too. I really liked the Motion Trails addon, but it seems to be completely incompatible with latest builds. I thought about creating an addon that would fill the gap, but I haven’t had time for it lately. Maybe when things slow down a bit, but no promises.

In the meantime, if someone could dig into the Motion Trails addon and figure out why it’s broken with 2.77, it may not need too much work to re-animate it (rimshot).

Ahh right ! I didn’t realize it was actually properly broken in latest build. Apologies about that.

He is talking about the addon and op’s rant was motion path itself