motion paths?

i’m doing a short animation for a friend and to get the motion, i uses a motion path ( i think that’s the right name, to get it i hit shift A, curves and path) anyway, i’m starting to think it may not have been a good idea becuse i can’t get the speed to change at certain times. i need it to start off fast, slow down a bit the go realy fast then slow again then completely stop for s few seconds and start moving again. can i do this with the path or do i need to delete it

You can use the path. If you select the path, you can use the Path animation properties (properties window->object data->path animation)
If you’ve set the frames to 100 (the default) you can use the Evaluation Time to change the speed. go to the beginning of your animation, set the evaluation time to 0, rightclick it and insert keyframe. Do the same with 100 at the end of your animation, and then you can do this in between to slow down or speed up the animation. In the graph editor you have more control over this.

oh, i feel a little silly now XD. thanks.