Motion Problems [Solved]

Due to Linear Velocity not playing nice with gravity, I’ve tried to add into my motion script ( the ability to detect if the player is on the ground, and if not, set the linV to some negative number. This way, I just fake the gravity, which is fine. The only problem is it doesn’t work. I was able to get it to work in a test, but not when I actually tried using it…

I can’t seem to get my “ground” sensor to give off the right triggers. In my two blend files, I’ve set the linV to a positive number so this is easier to see. Also, the ray has a ridiculous range just to make sure that it is too short. I’m using a ray since my terrain is a little hilly, so touch wouldn’t work too well.

I’ve attached the two blends.

This is driving me nuts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


broken_motion.blend (517 KB)motionTest.blend (136 KB)

Here you go:

WSAD moves the player, space jumps… 100% python free.

it is sliding around really easy because I turned off the material friction,

also i used the sphere bounds, so it can climb up stairs and hop over small obstacle’s.

If this helps you out, please try my exploding duck demo :slight_smile:

This looks like it might help. However, I’ll probably just convert the stuff to Python becuase that is just what I prefer (I have nothing against logic bricks, I just prefer to code the stuff…). And I saw you’re first demo with the ducks, it was cool. Maybe I’ll check this one out too.

EDIT: Yup, this worked (with Python too). Thank you. I changed the title to [solved].