Motion Ride - 10th of January 2004

Contest is officially finished, voting will start soon

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OK, I had a huge day and lost my first 18 hours, thought id try and get the idea I had in my head out in a quick blending nut session and heres what I ended up with…

I tried to capture the idea of motion as much as possible in the still, and also trying to capture the feeling of the calm before the storm which was explained by the theme, the strait before the slopes and rolls ahead which gives the feeling i love to call “…whaaaaaaahhwwww!”

Made in 7 hours using Blender 3.1a, Post done in Photoshop Elements for extra blurring and colour correction.

P-Ppp-P-p-p-Placeholder …pwew got that off my chest

[edit:] forgot to mention:

  • the blur is fake

now if you still like it… VOTE FOR ME :stuck_out_tongue:

dont know how long i took to model… probably about 2 hours max…

Grr I missed it. :confused: Next time I guess. I wasn’t watching Contest part of the forum carefully. Oh well. GOod luck everybody! :DDD

According to the web page there are just less than 24 hours left. :slight_smile:

Placeholder please :slight_smile:

[edit] Count me out. No time. :frowning:

Keep this spot open, if I can get it done.

AAAAAAAARG!!! THIS IS MINE!!! but time is up… ARG I could have ROCKED this one.


Note: Sorry for the low resolution, the thing’s annoying as hell to render :slight_smile:

Dragon Tomb
In an old abandoned warehouse, the once broken lights are now replaced, and the Dragon ride, once a legend, is awoken from the dead…
Whilst not as fast as it was when first conjured, and certainly not as rustless, this beast’s appearance is the exact contrary to its speed. The Dragon flies down the tight corners of this converted warehouse with great speed and ease… Whilst clearing and maintenance continue on around it, the beast roars to life, with its nostrils pouring out its age old light…

The Dragon is resurrected, and now it is the Dragon Tomb…

56 K version, 96Kb (I am a poor 56Ker too :D)

Larger version(167 Kb) -

Hope you have fun guys

placeholder … lets see what i can do in blender in 2 hours …

ok i finished on time but due to problems with webspace i havent been able to post till now.

so its up to you if i can enter … im not going to win anyway

its the essense of a rollercoster

I started 2 hous ago :wink:

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Ah Why not…
maybe some 30 minutes… Not really the topic.
A underwater rollercoaster, it’s crashed (playing with lattices)
not very fast indeed:
Bye BackiZ

the link doesnt work for me… mirror?