Motion Sensor

Hey, im working on a multiplayer game using Angoos Multiplayer addon.

But im having trouble making the character run the wal kanimation when he walks.

I figured i could use a Motion sensor
(If: Moving in any direction then:) - (and) - (Walk animation)

If anyone could make like a python script ´for me that i can use as a sensor tha ttriggers when the object change position, then i would be forever greatful!

Many Thanks in Advance!

That is one option, which some multiplayer solutions make use of. You can also use a property to indicate which direction the character is moving in, which might be another option. (When you run the movement code on the client, set a property to the direction. You can use a string or whatever, though a number would be smaller.

i didnt really understand that.

So i should share a property that tells if im moving or not? like a boolean?

if i just make like a boolean that goes true when i walk and false when i stop and give it to the character like
(Key “W” - and - value True)
And then teh character respond to it like this
(Value True - and - Animation)

Then the character will move when I move, not when the other player move´.? :frowning:

If the source object (the one you control on your local machine) sets a property to indicate that it is moving, then the proxy object can receive the property using the property plugin and enable animations as necessary