Motion track feels off

Hello, I’m trying to put a character walking on a treadmill. So I did a motion track of the footage i have…
But when I put any object into the scene it’s not “locking-into-place” despite having a solve error of 0.6px
Can someone tell me what should I do? :confused:

That can append if you object isn’t aligned in 3D space with reconstructed markers.
Once the tracking is done, you need to quickly model the scene using markers as a reference and place your object according to that. If not your object may be floating in front of the camera and it won’t stick to the tracked footage.

I did try aligning the scene in the solve panel but still
no help, I also have roughly 8 markers, should I add more?
I did try re-solving but that ended up to incorrect reconstruction…
the good this is that I was able to go back before i re-solved it…

Hum, bare with me , the last time I’ve done tracking in blender was a long time ago.

It’s in the 3D viewport, you should have the markers you’ve tracked displayed in 3D space , and your object must be placed according to that.

It really depends on the case, If you have 8 rock solid markers and that your shot is simple that may be enough, adding markers doesn’t always improve solving. But as it’s the minimal number of markers, if one or two of them isn’t perfect , small noise in the track can induce errors. But I’d bet that the issue is that the object isn’t well positioned in 3D space, but maybe the issue is in the tracking…

Sometimes the track goes well , the solve error is low, but the camera is doing funky things in the 3D viewport, check if the movement of the camera (outstide camera view) seems correct .

All that said it will be hard to tell you more without the 3D scene. You can post the .blend without the movie and me or someone else could check what is the issue.

Know what? I didn’t even use setup tracking scene…
Such a fool…

:smiley: that may explain the issue … how it’s going now ?

I was trying to figure it out. No luck. Also, it’s the heavy lag I get…
I might as well upload the .blend…
I don’t mind if you see the video in the project…
runner.blend (5.0 MB)

Ok it’s easier with the .blend, I don’t have the video , if there are still issues can you share at least one frame (or much better the movie ) ?

So as said, the character wasn’t aligned with the markers in 3D space.
You have to activate marker display in the viewport, I’ve placed a cube where they were originally.
Then I scaled down the camera (from 1 to 0.02) so the markers get roughly aligned with the characters, of course, if one tracker is far away from the character in the movie, it’s position should be far away in 3D .

So the camera scale is now 0.02, I’ve scaled the display size of the camera to make it visible.

That sould do the trick, if not, you may add some tracking markers, and try to space them more evenly in the screen and in the 3D space so you get more paralax. You may get a worse solve error, but a better track.

runner_02.blend (3.2 MB)

Now, what you need to do, you can move the camera if the character is too big in the frame, just adjust the scale of the camera so the markers gets in the right position.

Much better Thanks!