Motion Track Test

This is a Blender motion track test that I recently finished. I wanted to try creating a few shots using stock footage. There are three shots. The first and third shots used Blender’s motion tracking feature, but I decided to just use Fusion’s 2D tracker on the second shot. Since this is just a test, I didn’t spend much time on the compositing or color correction, so there are a few issues. I downloaded the APC land vehicle from Blend Swap (, but created the rest.

Considering I didn’t have the camera or lens focal length information from the stock footage, I think Blender did a great job using the automatic refine option for the lens focal length and distortion. It’s considered to be a good track solve if the solve error is .5 or less, while you need to make more adjustments if the solve error is around 2.0 or higher. Using the refine option, Blender got around .07 and .15 on the two scenes on the first try and the constructed 3D scene looked pretty accurate. I didn’t need to do much adjusting to place the 3D objects in the scene.

the tracking is great but the compositing needs work

So where did you get the stock footage from?

Shadows are too soft and DoF needs a little work, other than that, looks great.

It is from Footage Firm. They have a section that they call free footage, where you just pay $8.41 for shipping and handling ( For that price you get a DVD with 10 1080P HD clips. The clips in the video are from their Nature Dolly collection. Videos in their arial collection might also be useful for motion tracking tests, but I haven’t really looked at those.