Motion Tracked Sci-Fi Hologram Effect! (Eevee)

A motion tracked hologram effect over my live action footage. I’ve made a tutorial on this effect if anyone’s interested!

Just looking for some feedback on what you guys think!


I’d roll off the saturation on the colours a bit, they “jump out” a little too much

You know you’re totally right I definitely did go a little too far with the saturation! Funny how you can miss the simplest things when you’ve been working on a project for too long :joy:

It’s something I try to keep in mind as I tend to use bright colours, I recall a video pointing out that in the real world, very few things have a high saturation value. When you use a colour picker on an image, it usually is not what you think you’re seeing. I use ColorPic as it allows me to store batches of colours to access. :slight_smile: