Motion tracking, (added object to scene and composed but how to render out to move)

hey guys, have just finished the tutorial on motion tracking and have finnaly got it to the stage where in the compositing mode my object is in the scene, but i cant seem to get it to render out all together in a mpg, i tried to render it out to jpg so i could at least see in seqence editor but i just seem to get the object and not the movie clip as well
any help would be good please brent

You need to using the compositing nodes to ‘alpha over’ the CGI render layer on top of the movie clip.

In the node window make sure ‘use nodes’ is selected and you should see a render layer, and a composite node.

Create a movie clip node, then select the move clip you want to composite the CGI over, then add an alpha over node and drag the render layer out put into the bottom sock of the alpha over, then the movie clip to the yellow input above it, then drag the yellow out put from the alpha over to the yellow input of the composite and you should have your CGI and live action composite.

yeah i had gotten to that point but how do i get it to the point where i can play it through a player like windows media or what ever…do i need to render it out some how