MOTION TRACKING blender gurus needed - PAID and URGENT

Heavy workload, studio falling behind on work.

Needing some fast-turnaround Motion Tracking Artists to do 3d match-moving on footage shot at highspeed down a river. Cameras were shot on a stabilizing mechanism/gyro thingy so relatively smooth for a jetboat flying down a river.


  • Motion ride
  • Roughly 250 seconds of live action footage to track.
  • 50fps
  • res 2048 x 1080
  • Previous motion ride youtube link please take note of the river scene aroudn 2:30 (fyi, all CG was created in Blender with a few added light effects and colour grades done in After Effects, all in stereoscopic, had just finished building a script based stereoscopic pipeline then the latest version of Blender came out with native support :(…talk about timing…)
Remuneration NZD$4/second of footage, approx 250 seconds so approx NZD$1000 (if all allocated to one person). Am open to negotiating for exceptional or very relevant motion tracking work(e.g. motion tracked footage speeding down a highway). Will put in extra NZD$200 if completed within 6 days from start date.

-example of previous tracking work in Blender (am happy to use working camera data from other tracking software in Blender)
-fast turnaround
-well accustomed to both auto and ‘supervised’ tracking
-able to put in proxy geo based on points for later referencing to when animating


  • method of payment: Bitcoin
    -able to work well with New Zealand time frames (5am to 9pm NZST 11:30pm SOMETIMES…) would prefer not long gaps between communication. Can commit to specific contact times daily.
  • portfolio of more than 3 examples of motion tracking work
  • motion tracking work shows excellent camera solves as well as proxy reference objects representing objects in footage or accurate placement of point/‘emptys’ cloud.

If i get a lot of interest i may fan out the work in chunks to different people.

Email: [email protected]

Will talk money on first contact so open to quotes as well.


email sent