Motion Tracking for armatures

I’ve been working on a way to get armatures to follow object data from the motion tracker. I link empties to the markers on the object when the scene is built. Then I build the armature (right now of my hand) and painstakingly move the bones to follow the animation. I’ve tried using the bone contraints and make it follow the empties but I can’t get the movement data to cross over to the bones…is this possible or am I wasting my time?

Thanks for any help

The only way to get positional information in blender is either via camera tracking or via object tracking… Camera tracking, will not solve for armature deformation so you will have to do object tracking, which requires 8 tracking points per object. So, it’s not really feasable at the moment to do motion tracking for armatures

What i hope will be implemented soon, is multicam/stream inputs…that way we can set up a mocap system based off webcams :smiley:

I do have more than 8 tracking markers for my object, does that mean I can do it or does the positional information still not translate into armature deformation?

is your object rigid (like a box?) or is it on a human… like one at the wrist one at the elbow one at the shoulder? if its a box yes that will work, because the overall shape is not changing, for a human, no it wont work, you will need 8 markers per object, one object being say the wrist (so the wrist would have 8 markers), or the elbow (8 markers at the elbow) etc.etc.

right now its an index finger for a hand. I think I need to change my question a little: is it possible to get the motion of the empty that followed the track onto a bone in the armature? I removed the camera constraint on the empty and contraint it to f-curve so it has it’s own motion.

Not sure if that’s exactly true. Judging from this video, it may be possible to move track empties in 3D space, instead of on a flat plane. I’m just not sure how (but I’m dying to know):

You’ll notice the description says something about projecting a “follow track” onto a “depth object,” but I don’t know how to get the “depth object” to work. If anyone can answer this, I’m sure it’ll help both me and the one with the armature problem. Here are other notes on this “depth object” business:

Oh wait, duh, I’m an idiot. The tracking empty has to be TOUCHING the depth object for the empty to project onto it. I just answered my own question.

Maybe you can use a few tracked objects, and have bones parented/tracked to them? I doubt you’ll need an object for every single joint, if certain joints get forced that way, on their own.