Motion tracking: how do I move the tracking box offset relative to its actual tracking point?

I learned it years ago, I’ve done it a million times, and I don’t remember how.

I need to track a point via another proxy point on the same object so I can get the stuff I’m overlaying on the footage to go out of frame and back in cleanly. It’s for a simple overlaid object, no camera tracking or anything like that.

Any search for “motion tracking offset” or similar gives me nothing but joining two tracks with an offset, which is what I would do if I were camera solving.

I’m stuck using the offset sliders in the property pane right now and it’s really painful workflow. I have quite a bit more of this to do and I need to be able to drag the offset around like I used to.

How do I do this?

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Jesus, it was double-tap G. I’m very dumb.

And I was stuck thinking it was the move relative to parent hotkey.

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