Motion tracking issue

Hello. I am new to motion tracking, and very probably I am screwing up something very basic, so apologies for that.

After I insert a dozen or so successful tracking points and manage to solve my scene with under 0.3 error (which I’m told is very good), set three points for the floor, and one point for the X axis, I am baffled to find out my camera askew and my empties in a completely different plane than the expected XY.

Can someone, please, point me in the right direction?

Here is the blend file:

And here is the footage:


Quickly looking at it, I’m guessing there is not enough perspective change during your footage in the trackers you set.
You need to have trackers in the background, and some on the left on the grass.
This footage is actually easy to track but hard to solve, because the camera moves very little and give very little depth info.
When shooting, slowly move your camera around and then film what you want. That way you can give blender info about the perspective all around and it’ll solve it much more efficently. You can do that with just taking pictures too, but don’t change your focal length.

Cheers :wink:

Turns out you were absolutely right! Sadly, no matter how many trackers I added to the scene, nothing helped and I decided to scrap it altogether. I filmed some more footage (exit pigeon, enter my dog) with some more perspective changes, and everything works fine now.

The only thing still bugging me is the fact that when I set the footage as background, it gets darker for no apparent reason. But I’ll figure something out.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Have a great Sunday! :smiley: