Motion Tracking - need help (Voodoo)

Hi everybody!
I’m trying to understand how to setup Voodoo Camera Tracking?
I’ve read this but it’s good for static (and simple) 3d-objects on the ground and there’s no explanation of how to recreate scene (houses, roads and etc) in 3d and combine it into the movie. For example create additional floors over the buildings or change the geometry of the road (gutter, ditch)
That’s what I did playing with Voodoo Test Movie
Original movie(19,3mb) captured with Canon A630 1/1,8" CCD-matrix 8,2 mpx, Focal Length: 7,3 – 29,2 mm (35-mm: 35-140 мм); Aperture: f/2,8 - f/4,1

So here’s the question: how to setup properly VooDoo and how to recreate scene in 3d?
Take a look at this matchmoving reel - that’s what I’m trying to achieve:)

P.S. before posting I’ve searched Google and this forum, I know about Syntheyes, BouJou Three, Icarus - how to do it with VooDoo