Motion Tracking, rendering directly with cycles?

Heya BlenderArtists,

I’ve done some motion-tracking projects in the past with Blender 2.51 back then you had to first render the frames within cycles and then composite them together with the blender-internal.
When Blender 2.61 was launched they mentioned that you could now render the final frames with cycles directly.
Yet I haven’t been able to find any tutorials/documentation/node-setups for that.
It sounds a bit like a newbie Question, yet I havent found any posts on this forum either but is cycles yet fully integrated with the motion-tracking system and does anyone have a node-setup for me?

thanks in advance,


Motion tracking, is a powerful tool, which includes the ability to output a 3d animated camera (which is what most people use it for, right now i am using it for masking)… this animated camera, can be used in conjunction with cycles or blender internal.

As it outputs an animated camera, it means that cycles support is native… as cycles supports any animated camera… as does BI.

In terms of compositing, compositing always happens when dealing with live action footage. the frames that you composite can come from anywhere, including cycles and BI.

look here for a tutorial -

Thanks, I know that tutorial, that used BI to mask the overlay of the cycles-frames with the original footage. That how I normally do it. I was just wondering if you could skip the part where you have to render the cycle-frames seperatly and directly combine them with the original footage. Apperently not. I got my answer thanks a ton!