Motion Tracking Software NOW

I have a bunch of recordings of people using a computer mouse, and I want to look at trends in mousing location. The recordings were taken from nearly a birds-eye view of the desk, and they don’t show much more than the desk, forearm and some markers for calibration.

I didn’t place any sort of markers on the subjects, and I was originally planning on analyzing the recordings manually, but I realized that there is motion tracking software available that can track this.

I tried using the Cinelerra motion tracker for this, but even with help from the CinCVS mailing list, I couldn’t get it working. I’m even at the point where I’m considering proprietary software, and I got recommendations for Icarus, Voodoo and the Blender motion tracker when it comes out.

My school may even purchase one of those absurdly expensive programs if they can get an institutional license. Other than the programs I’ve already mentioned, are there any others I should look at?

And when’s the Blender motion tracker supposed to be ready?