Motion tracking test using the built-in camera tracking

I was looking for how to do motion tracking with Blender last night. I was surprised to hear version 2.61 added this feature natively, which is very awesome! So I decided to give it a try and spent a few hours on a simple video, in which I placed the default monkey head on my computer desk. I also used reflection and refraction, reflections done by using the first frame of the original video as an env-map. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Pretty good track, I noticed a couple shudders, but hey, I know how difficult it is to make a good track, I’m not very good at it yet. But you did a pretty decent job! Followed Andrew Prices tutorial?

Thank you :slight_smile: I noticed the shudders, but they’re thankfully not very visible. Tracking can be hard, and actually impossible if you don’t have clear elements to define the track (hence the objects on my table, since I got a huge error amount when solving the camera without them). As for tutorials, I watched two:

Followed by:

Good tracking, although it does gradually slide to the right.