Motion Tracking... When Markers Must Move In and Out of Camera View...

Hey Artists,
I’m somewhat new on Blender and I want to put one of my 3D models into a video I took. I know where to place markers and how to place them so I’ll get an accurate track, but what if I do something where the camera rotates 120 degrees? None of the markers are in the camera’s view the for the whole time. I get a crazy solve error of 67 which is justified because at some point all of the markers fail by going off the side of where the camera is looking, but at any given part of the video all of the markers that are in the scene that have not gone off of the side yet have perfectly similar paths. Is there a way to do this and solve it correctly, or do I have to do something like split up the footage and make separate clips and markers so all of the markers can be seen for the whole time? Is there a way to delete markers after a certain frame? If so, how would I do that?
Thank you, a reply means a lot!

If its a pan around a fixed point then you won’t get a 3D solve. You can geta tripod or 2D stabilise or track even if all your tracks move out of frame. Make sure that you overlap new tracks with old (minimum of 8?). Remember that you can “offset” a tacker to continue tracking a new region after the original one has moved away.

Alright, thank you!