motion tracking with stars

i’m currently working on a video using motion tracking.
It consists of stars following a mouth.
I just made a plane + particle generator + loc keyframes every 5 frames.
a pic :
a test video :

Could someone give me some tips to improve it ?
I’m sure it’s possible to simulate a better realism

oh my god, my neighbors will ask some questions because my speakers …

well it’s very hard to try it with blender.
but you can try pics/pics to move your plane with alpha channel to make stars and particules to dupli it

thank you, but i don’t really get it, could you explain again but in french ?

ackkk, did it have to be so loud? I hope my mom didn’t wake up and wonder what that was.
Anyways I dont really know what to do to help you but I guess you should try Adriens method (srry I can’t translate)
Umm if I may what is the point of this video; any paticular story?
Oh and is that you?

Je parle en francais, mais je ne comprende pas [a]drien en anglais!

I think that’s right . . . %|