Motion Tracking Workflow Question


I’ve been experimenting with Blender’s (2.62) Motion Tracking of a test video clip that I want to insert some 3D models into.

I’ve spent a ton of time laying down markers into my video clip. I’d like to save the data to use in various test with different objects.

Here’s my question: Is it possible to save the marker data and video camera data for a specific video clip so that I can import it in the future so I don’t have to redo the markers?

If not, how are folks getting past this? I’m sure there’s a way.

BTW, I tried exporting camera and marker data into Python but can’t seem to find a way to run it successfully. The script fails on loading a scene object.



Did I post this in the wrong forum topic? There’s gotta be someone else out there who’s doing Motion Tracking and has a workflow suggestion, right? If not on this forum, any suggestions on where I might find some help?