motion tracking

I am getting really interested in the up coming features in the next version and want to contribute.

Hear are a few thoughts please direct me where to get started.

I have noticed lots of cool new nodes.(scale, rotate, size, translate). Some keying stuff maybe making it?? Roto with curves. And thats what I have been thinking about.

Would it be possible to make a garbage matte by – edge detecting scribus or inkscape then turning that into a curve (svg) that would be the start of a roto matte in blender?

Then maybe do a motion track with voodoo and parent the vertices to the curve to control the shape of the garbage matte over time?

Just downloaded opencv(
I guess it has some motion tracking features. Anyone used it?

yes, opencv has many tracking algos. And blender could use some good tracking and maybe camera calibration for many tools:
1.the 2d tracking you are talking about
2. tracking camera motion
3.tracking animation
5.modelling from video.

i’m just starting to use openCV, using python 2.5 and openCV 1.0. I would really like to share expreriences with you (and other python-openCV users ofcourse).

For Motion Tracking, I use a program called icarus which used to be free, but now it is a commercial product, you can still download it if you know where to look. There is a python script that imports icarus data and animates the camera perfectly to the video. I would recomend this software. Effstops is accually showed a tutorial on his website about icarus.

Icarus is free for non-commercial work, whereas PFTrack is not

I used recently Voodoo tracking for a videoclip (I’ll post it when it’s finished) and it works quite well … but if some could work on a openCV-python plug for blender, for video matching in realtime (in game engine) and non-realtime tracking, I would be realy interrested … It seems more flexible and customisable, and as it’s opensource it could evolve over time (voodoo is not OS, just free)

Yes, open source motion tracking solution would be GREAT !