Motion trekking animation needed

Dear all,

Let me please post a paid works to do.

I have some videos with me and they need to be managed with artistic effects via motion trekking + special effects, using Blender. 2 videos are where I am sneezing, and 2 more videos (not recorded yet) where I am driving a car and some effects happens (probably needs to use 3d model of airplane or else).

The budget is not big since I am a payer for myself:)

if you are interested, please send me a message with examples of your projects and your short ideas what to do. Also please include yout preliminary budgets for this 3 projects.
thanks for the attention and have a great day!


ps. first 2 videos are here:

it’s called tracking, but that’s just a minor mistake or even just a typo on purpose :-).
the 2 videos, where you are sneezing, are pretty short (just a few seconds; 3-5). so i guess the motion tracking for those 2 could be done pretty fast.
What do you think how long will be the videos where you are driving?
And what kind of “special effects” do you actually want for your “sneezing-videos”?
Maybe something like stardust shootng out of the nose when you are sneezing? :smiley: