Motion Vector Pass for Volumes?

(Siddhantrane) #1

Anybody know how to get a motion vector pass for smoke and fire out of Cycles?
I need to get an MV pass for compositing the motion blur in post, but Cycles renders the vector of the entire domain box, not the volumetrics.

(zanzio) #2

I don’t think motion blur for volumes is supported in cycles atm.

(Siddhantrane) #3

Aw man. Thanks for your answer… I guess I’ll just use some other render engine for volumetrics… Any recommendations that are able to render volumetric vectors?

(zanzio) #4

Good question. Most of my experience is with cycles. I’m going to guess that renderman can deliver a motion vector pass because I found this research paper from 2016 that talks about a new data structure they’ve developed for rendering volumetric motion blur.

(Siddhantrane) #5

Thanks! I’ll look into that.