Motionblur Query

Hey guys :eyebrowlift2:,

Just looking on and it shows you (very briefly) how to add motionblur into games.

My question is - Do you have to add a motionblur actuator (2D filter I think it’s under) for every single object in your game world that you want this blurring effect on?

Seems a tad tedious if true.

You could have easily done a test blend to find out… would have taken you about 1 minute…

It applies it to everything, even if they don’t have the actuator. 2d filter effects effect the entire screen.


Open blender, press f4, add bricks, add another object, press P. 15 seconds to be exact. About half the time it took him to write this post.

These forums are screaming for better moderation ><

Motionblur doesn’t work if your computer doesn’t support GLSL though.

@vibrunazo- while I agree that these forums could be better moderated, BA is very understaffed (remember, it’s on a volunteer basis, and not many people want to take the time). I could be wrong, but I think PlantPerson is currently the only game engine subforum moderator. I know that I’m too scatterbrained to be any good at it, but if you think you could help, you could always try volunteering.
[edit] Blendenzo is also a moderator, I believe.

Is enzo still modding?

Apparently he is. I apologize, Blendenzo, for forgetting about you!

Motionblur doesn’t work if your computer doesn’t support GLSL though.

Actually, Motionblur will work on computers even if they don’t support GLSL. I had an intel integrated graphics chip (which doesn’t support GLSL) but motion blur still works. However, an integrated chip can’t run motion blur faster than 3 fps - so it’s not of much use anyways.

Motion blur doesn’t work at all on a lot of computers, GLSL or not (I have yet to see the logic brick motion blur work on any computer, and the Rasterizer version appears to be windows-only)

The current GE board moderators are myself, blendenzo, and OTO.

Regarding the state of moderation, I’m not exactly sure what you would have preferred I do in this case. Do you want us to delete/lock “stupid” questions? How would we define which questions are worthy to be posted? That is not the kind of forum I would want to be a member of.

You did nothing wrong. This was merely an example of someone being too lazy to test something and an angry backlash.

I agree that there is no such thing as a stupid question and should someone want to post this it’s not outside of forum rules. It’s a pet peeve of mine when people dont put any effort into finding stuff out for themselves but as a science student I think that’s understandable. That said forums are for help and discussion and every question asked can be answered by self testing, it’s just how much that the individual is willing to put into finding the answer that decides if there is a post or not.

And I agree, a forum that refuses to allow more basic questions is doomed to fail. I’m sure if I looked back over my early posts I’d find ones like this I’m ashamed to say