Motionride 24

Here is my entry for the latest 24 hour Contest, ity was made in 7 hours using Blender and Photoshop for colour correction.

This particular coaster goes on 2 vertically lined poles with anti-grav technology for the smallest of friction, the rider is seated further back in a pod where he can experience the highest feeling from the rolls, dips and climbs, a guided tour of the city at 300km/h.

Amazing! Did you use only Blender for modelling? How did you do the mountains? Nurbs surface? I liked the “speed effect”! Very good job!

wow :o

amazing, thats awesome, may we see a raw render and a wire?

Thanks for the quick replies =D

rafael: its all blender minus photoshop for colour correction as stated, the cliffs and canyions are all blender sub-surf, i never work in NURBS. Thanks for the kind workds 8)

skeletor: thanks for your compliments, here are a couple of wires for ya, i was gonna put some in but completely forgot, thanks for the reminder…

congrat to the 24hour contest Lee!

cant wait to see the animation itself :wink:

I bow at the altar of LohnC :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

You rock!

Yeah Baby. Yeah.

Whoa!!! :o Top work. I really like the track system.

Just excellent.



<Wayne’s world>

We are not worthy! We are not worthy!

</Wayne’s world>

Nicely done man.

I thought I was the only one who used the fake GI dome setup. :wink:


nice concept and a very impressive render…i really like your work

thanks for the warm replies, really appreciate it =D

ztonzy: animation? :o :wink:

BgDM: oh ive been using fake GI for a looooong time, mostly in conjunction with a spot or 2, really helps get a hemi look. This scene was made in 3 scenes so only the coaster itself was affected by the dome =)

ditto! you said it all M@dcow

WOW :o That’s awesome man :smiley:

cmon you just have to animate this. it’s like… what is a keyboard for? to type in letters… what’s this scene for… to animate it! no question!

it rocks… btw :slight_smile:

mr_bomb: thanks! =D

Chimera: hahah, well, if it were a weeks challenge i thinki would have, i also dont own a peice of compositing software to do coller correction etc for animation,s but in a couple of weeks i am, which means i can start to do mroe animations, and of the same style as the stil 8)

:o Aaaaweeesomee, I really like it, something gives me the feeling of that indiana jones rollercoaster at Eurodisney Paris. :smiley: When can we take that ride?? :stuck_out_tongue:

you’de have to animate it :P…yes yes you have to :smiley: