Motivation for FPS weapon modeller.

hi all.

Been working on some movement and controls for a Haloesque style .blend.
At the mo I got a rough (cough) translation of the hang `um high level.

So if youve got any resonably good weapon models or fancy something to do, send me your weapon/s, preferably textured, and if i like/use it ill send you my file with your model on it. :smiley: Thats it.

If for any reason you dont want to send me your model/s because you think im gonna sell it/copy it and make money…don`t send it. :-?

Its a ragged .blend at the mo, and when it gets tidied up it`ll be freely avail to the blend community.

Cheers all.

E-mail me at [email protected]

please, only people who just enjoy using blender reply to this post


Thanks for the model/s. :slight_smile: (Just 5 more now, and i`ll have 6. :wink: ) :smiley:

Im messing with the weapon yeilding over this next fortnight. Also theres no need for texturing on the models anymore. So if you want a copy of my effort of a FPS Template. Send me your weapon models and…

if (yourWeaponModelStandard >= myFPSTemplateStandard):
___i`ll put it on and send you the file.

*if anyone has a proven ability for flare/laser fire FX, please send me a .blend of your work and if its cool. Ill send you this FPS .blend to then see if youd be interested in implimenting it onto the FPS Template thing. :slight_smile:


On my FPS attempt file so far. Walk,Look,strafe,duck,lean,jump,zoom and recoil.

[email protected]

I’m a good weapon modeller, but I plan to use everything I make in my game… sorry…

heh. :smiley:

I`ll have to take YOUR own word for it, that YOUR a good weapon modeller.

Are you able to explain how your post benefits me?
Its about as much use to me, as me telling you that I`m brilliant at football. :wink: :smiley: :-?

heh. :smiley: