Motivation problems

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this or not. But I need some help.

But I can’t seem to find my way in 3D and I’ve lost all motivation. But something you need to know about me is that I have NO patience. None. At all. I can’t stand “making progress” or “practice makes perfect” mottos. They are evil to me.

To me it’s simple, I do something, I expect a result immediatly. I get none then it’s a waste of time. And there is absoluytely nothing you can say or do to change this. I have no patience.

And because of that 3D has become unbarable. I wanted to do animations and make game assets but truth is most of all of this is so infuriating! When it comes to character modelling, I fucking hate it. I wanna create characters but I HATE the process of creating them.
Why? Because of how insanely long it takes for your 3D turds to start looking like characters. I started Sculpting and after two months of doing speed sculpts and other random sculpts everything still looks like crap just like the first day I started. I hate that so fucking much. This is what I mean, no patience. Made me wanna burn the house down! I don’t want the progress or the journey to it! I just freaking want it!! Samething has happened with drawing and most things in 3D.

Animation and rigging is less for some reason. I think because everything is isntant. I make some bones and they immediately work. In animation I put some keyframes and everything moves. I’ve learned more in rigging and animation then in any other 3d field. Because I love the technical and fast nature of these things.

Another thing I do which is not related to Blender but I think it has something to do is Martial Arts. I’ve been doing for a few years, but everytime I learned a new technique, it was exciting. Sure it first I was clumsy and basically auto-defeated myself. But everyday, I was a bit less clumsy and more coordenated until I could perform it perfectly. Why? Because I saw myself grow. I could FEEL it! But in Blender or 3D in general, my characters aren’t better then what they were 2 years ago.

But the thing is, I don’t want to quit 3D. I’ve placed so much time and money into this. I really wanted to get into animation or game design. I don’t need to go end up in big studios like most people wish. I just wanna be good enough to work in projects but latelly I have lost all motivation to keep going. I just can’t never make a character in my head or from a picture in 3D. It all ends up as a meshy mushy turd.

Sorry for my ramblings and poor English but honestly my mind is a little bit all over the place with this. I don’t even know what to expect from this.

Hey, I understand you fully. I’ve been there. Patience is hard to obtain, but it is worth it. Frustration comes when goal takes time to reach, so one workaround is to set small ‘sub-goals’ so to speak. Milestones. When you reach one it is invigorating, and gives you some motivation to keep up, even when you can’t achieve the perfect results you see in your mind.

Cheers !



Worry not, growing is endless process until passing on and 3D is just a phase, a stage, another level… creativity starts from within idea. A thought out of this world carried over by resilient ego :wink: in mind of another universe…

Bang! As concept starts to materialize in medium it involves time - as egg takes time to cook… heart must beat to rest. Can you prosume classic fictional literature with its complexity?

Patience is an understanging gained with experience.
Also kinda looks like you simply have not had yet set a goal for self…

“… and now The War of Art…”

I have work in the CG industry for 17 years and without patience it would have been impossible believe me!

As you speak i think your interest would be better served as a rigger or an animator but even there you still need some patience since some rigs can take a hefty amount of thinkering and problem solving + knowing math and functions.

Maybe the CG industry is not where you want to be and since i have been working in many studios the job is almost always boring and they will rush you each time they can. It’s nothing glamorous and crunch time is pure slavery.

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I hear you. to me the problem i am having is how disconnected everything is feeling. I work on something that takes me a month, and just ask for feedback, but honestly I rarely get any and i have been working at things for a few years now. My love is in making a scene that is almost like a film, where you can feel the emotion in it. In fact I really wanted to make 3d shorts with people. But I don’t know how to get those people who would do this. And I guess I just want to keep trying too, but i just sometimes feel like one of those unlucky ones that is just not good enough to ever get there no matter how they try. And yet I also cannot give up on my dreams either. It’s very discouraging and isolating to work at it day after day towards something that may never happen.
And yet I can’t help but keep doing it. Maybe that’s how you are feeling?
Anyways when I was getting started I gave myself weekly goals to achieve. And that helped me with focusing somewhat.