I’m really struggling to motivate myself to do anywork with blender. I have lots of ideas, but just no motivation to do anything. Or if I do start a scene, I rapidly abandon it as I fear it will turn out bad.

I have a bookshelf full of drawing books, but I struggle to motivate myself to teach myself drawing (probably because I’m afraid the drawings will turn out crap).

Any suggestions on how to motivate myself?

Mind you I’ll probably struggle to motivate myself to do anything which you suggest.

Ho Hum :frowning:


Go outside, get sunshine, stop forcing yourself to use a computer. Repeat.

Grab a sheet of paper, or a blank notebook and draw, even if you don’t have l33t drawing skills. I have a notebook full of sketches of the stuff I want to do with Blender, but I lack the computer :stuck_out_tongue:

try a different area of blender, like programming, making a web page, or writing a tutorial, or draw. Or just concentrate on a different aspect of modelling, like work on developing good lighting skills, or experiment with rendering techniques.

Ah, but I can’t program my way out of a doggie poo bag…

I have got a book on lighting, unread, and a book on texturing, unread…




planning. think of a scene,…plan it out thouroughly, make sketches, list items, prepare textures etc, then go at it, and follow it through. then you won’t have the problem of staring at a blank mesh thinking ‘what next?’, because you will have planned it beforehand.

I know what you mean rndrdbrian, after finishing my tank I could not even start a decent scene…I’m officially in a slump! btw, everything that everyone says is good and I’ve done(started drawing again!) but is no help…:frowning:

Learn a novel tool that you havn’t used yet! Each tool in Blender lends itself to certain types of projects, Let’s say you’ve never tried partical effects before. What kind of projects are they good for? Off the top of my head: Snow scene, Volcano, fire works. Once you’ve decided what you want to do, just read up on the tool, do a tut, and apply the info to your task.

Another idea:
Just let this medium be the means of articulating ideas and subjects that interest you. Show us what your into.

A lot of times you just get burned out. Don’t force yourself to become better by using Blender even when burnt out. Assuming this is not your job, then there is no reason to put pressure on yourself when blending, its supposed to be fun.

Don’t go into blender and do anything serious for at least a week. The longer you go without it, the more refreshed you will be. Just go away and come back later. Your mind will be refreshed, you will have new ideas, and you will find your modelling skills have changed for the better because of that.

I often get these “no motivaion” time…and I can’t do things for like a week or so…sometimes longer…

but then, just before going to sleep on day, an idea pops out in my head…and I fire up blender and blend it. and then I’m ok for several weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

As MusicMan said, leave blender for a week…it will call you back when it’s time to :wink:

I have that trouble too. I have an idea and I start on it but it takes so long from design to the finished product that the idea often fizzles out or I wasn’t able to make the scene how I wanted. So, I think the time between idea and product has a lot to do with it. Just recently, though, I found an excellent tool for motivation - Terragen.

It basically lets you render landscapes but you can make absolutely beautiful, photorealistic scenes within minutes. The only limit to the free version is that you can only render up to 1200x960 but that’s big enough for most purposes and you can import the scenes into Blender if you need higher res stuff done or easy control over your animation. The URL is:
(it’s for Windows and Mac only so far, I’m afraid)

It also gives you enough parameters to make your images look unique - check out some of the galleries on the link (especially the bottom one).

If you’re not into landscapes, I would say that the best thing to do with animation is stick with each project to the end. It does take a long time: Pixar take about 5 years to get each of their projects from idea to cinema screen and they’ve got about 60 animators on each film, not to mention CG artists, voice cast, texture and environment artists. On the dvd extras you hear the crew saying things like they’ve seen the sequences so many times that they don’t find them funny any more - that’s why they use test audiences for feedback before they release their work. But what would happen if they had just abandoned their projects half-way? We wouldn’t have Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo. To be honest, they haven’t made all that many films either (about 5 maybe) but they’re still the biggest players in animation.

Another thing I’ve learnt is that it’s more depressing having loads of half-baked animations, renders etc. than if you maybe had a decent short animation along the lines of knick-knack or luxo. Just make sure it’s original, though - I’ve done luxo because I wanted to do one but for a showreel or such, it should be unique. Take Nick Park, who did the Wallace and Gromit movie. I still laugh my socks off when I see that clip where Gromit gets hit in the face with the jam. It only lasts 2 minutes but the facial expressions are hilarious.

Here’s a website with some info about Wallace & Gromit. Down at the bottom of the page there are some short animated gifs from the movies.

If you lack inspiration, there are a million fiction books out there and comics who do sketches that you can use. I think the best success story I’ve heard is of the guy who did the alien song animation. It’s basically an animation of a one eyed green alien singing “I will survive” with lines like “so you’re back from outer space
I just walked in to find you here
with that sad look upon your face”
and with that the animator secured a place at Pixar. His website is at:

Also, if you go to the first link there are a few other short animations you can check out. I wasn’t overly impressed with the Monty Python animation but it’s been downloaded over 200,000 times.

It seems the problem you have is a lack of confidence in success, and perhaps a lack of creativity. What you should do is not start any big projects that could span days with work. Instead doodle. Just make as many quick doodles. Take no longer than 30 seconds per doodle, and they don’t have to be big (one or two inches tall is good). Doodle averything and anything. Fill a piece of paper – front and back. Especially doodle strange and bizzar things. It is important to doodle things that you normally never draw. Do not even think about what you should doodle next, just rapily go from doodle to doodle without stopping long anough to think. This is to jumpstart your brain and get it ready for action.

After doodling for some time take a look at what you made. You might notice a lot of crap, but there would also be a few good things that stand out to you as being interesting and original.

Take the doodles that you like and then expand them into larger, more detailed drawings. Try not to stress out about how the drawing would look, just quickly, spontainously lightly draw lines and shapes – then go back through and clean up the lines with darker lines to make the picture more detailed. The important thing is to not give yourself enough time to worry about how the finished picture would look.

If you really, really like some of the the drawings you made, go ahead and try to make a few in Blender. Try to keep in mind the details of their construction – what shape and form they would have in 3D, and what vertex arangement might successfully make these shapes. It is important to have some plan to the construction of a mesh before jumping into a Blender project.

But always remember, do whatever you can to keep your thoughts positive!

meh, still no motivation.



I always start of with alot of motivation… then usually the scene turns out crappy … then I loose motivation … I’ve got an entire direcory called ‘misc’ full of unfinished blends… No motivation to finish them… …

Somtimes I look at the screen for hours… opening and closing things… making small scene’s wich don’t mean droppings… rendering them and not even saving them… uhm does this sound familiar ?

Not very efficient to say the least… haha…


Play your favorite game. One that gives you time to look around at stuff.

One of my favorites is Morrowind, I’ve got a ton of things I’d love to model from it. Get some inspiration from stuff like that, it helps.

Sounds a lot like myself.

I do dream of being able to draw, but I don’t have the motivation to teach myself to draw…



hah… don’t be assed to get a job… have no money so you can’t go out… don’t do your college work so most of the time you spend in bed sleeping and now have nothing to do all night…

now think about what bad times and good times you had doing nothing and have no interesting stories you can tell your friends or show your parents…

now try and figure out what you want to do in life…

still nothing? the same with me… do you know what I do with most of my life? sleep and smoke… eat…

get a new job, meet someone, go to school shows or music gigs around your town…now get bored of that and fancy doing nothing… which was something else…

I think soon enough you get so bored that you do something after a while… just don’t kill yourself or piss off the people you see in the mean time ok? you have a wonderful life and there is so much to be learnt and excercises to be done…

maybe you were meant to be a bored sloth doing nothing…


I still pick up my guitar and play music… shame I can’t get some songs together… hehheh. I find the more you get into something, the more you love it. sure I can’t play heavy solo’s, but I can make good of what I do possess.

what’s at the end of the stick for you? a donkey might chase a carrot… but some won’t be interested… why you want to do something is somethign that enters my head… what keeps you going? find something in your life you love doing (maybe at work… hah… talking to a great speaker who brings you smiles and laughter) and then you may find blender isn’t what you want to do…

erm… I dunno… %|

sounds to me, like you need to get off your fat ass and quit whingeing. get yourself some discipline and go for a run, go out, whatever. stop bitching and slap some sense into yourself.

haha…traitor is right… I understand burnhard too … but hey … keep it up and you’ll reach a point in wich you’re gonna be sorry about alot of things (I speak out of experience…)…

They say ‘god’ helps the ones who want to be ‘helped’ … But what it means is that things will get rolling only if you DO things… and then still not everything goes well as planned… If you don’t DO … nothing happens…simple as that…

And by the way … I am not religous…*(not in the standard way anyways)…