Hello! I have new user here webpage…This is my first artwork on blenderartists
Here’s my last work… made with blender internal render:)
I’ve been learning blender:)
Comments welcome


That’s very impressive,but add some detail to the tires too

Cool bike :cool: reminds me of the Suzuki Hyabusa , Like TheCroc suggested put some details on the rubber like its been used on the road then it will have more life.

Awesome bike! And that’s just too cool to have the Blender logo, Ubuntu logo and GIMP logo on the side!

And welcome to BlenderArtists :slight_smile:

That’s really nice. I think you should do a few more samples on your ambient occlusion, because in the dark areas you can see speckles. Your GIMP logo looks like it’s applied to plane and not actually placed on the bike. Here’s a really good tutorial about decaling images:

Keep up the good work, and welcome to BA!

Thank you
I have a thought for it ,but the idea become nothing…
I repair on :slight_smile:
Thank you
Base idea the Suzuki Hayabusa:)
Thank you!


Thank you!
This is page not work…:S

Make sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed.

This looks excellent.

I would turn up the dithering settings to 2 under the output/render settings to get rid of the banding on the background gradient.

Everything looks well modelled adn its reasonably well lit to. However the overall feel of the render is too dark in my opinion. Lighten the background up a bit, perhaps add some details to the tire, maybe introduce a bit more colour and improve the render quality.

Render quality can be improved if you reduce the image noise and improve the AA a bit, easiest way to do this would be to render much larger and scaled it down with photoshop or something similar.

Thank you all!!
Yes, I can see tomorrow:) Thank’s
I can trying
I like drak color:) but make more color in the picture
I’ve rendering FullHD and scaled Gimp… I dont know the image noise… I trying up sample

This is unprocessed image (no corection,DOF,etc…)


This is spectacular.

These software logos just make it look silly. :no:
Dither background gradient and make bike highlights slightly brighter.

I agree with Agent_AL, lose the software logos.

How long have you been learning 3D for?

I dont workig befor model…finishing…no update:)
In blender 7-8 month ago…

This is new model:) Ducati Desmosedici RR
I like a motobike:)
This is dont finishing but yet watchable…:slight_smile:
Comments welcome


Thats awesome! The only critique I have is that the brake disks do not look like metal, but everything else is top notch!

awesome! and the logos on the side, really cool :slight_smile:

Welcome to BlenderArtists, btw :smiley:

Very nice job indeed! You are a fantastic modeler. How long have you used blender for?