motocross 2D

I made small and simple motocross game. Its a try to make 2 dimensional arcade type game. a bit glitchy, but works… there are 4 tracks in seperate layers, in 1st layer is bike. To change track just switch between 2., 3., 4. and 5. layer.

Here is downlaod page with screenshots

Works ok, the bike seems to be as light as paper though. And you can’t drive after you’re flipped over.

You can compress files to make them smaller. Go to File>Compress File. Your 1.7mb file became 735kb.

ohhhhh excelent works …very nice…

Pretty fun. Some things that would add would be a character on the bike and maybe a little more textureing on the hill and some motorcycle noise, but it’s quite fun the way it is.