Motocross bike

I was inspired by ‘neos’ Ducati 998, so i decided to continue my motocross bike it’s not based on a particular model cuz i just used different pics of different bikes.javascript:emoticon(’%|’)
javascript:emoticon(’%|’) Heres a pic of it…(click on the link)

I did a render in yafray but it takes so long…too long and I cant understand why? The entire scene only has 200,000 verts, a lamp and a HDRI,( ive made far more demanding scenes)

Wow, great model! And you don’t need to use YafRay to render that test.

thx, no this is not a yafray render, but a blender ren, that took about 30mins to render, with AO, a lamp, hemi and area light.

When I tried a yafray render untuned with a lamp,OSA 8,no AO,800x600 res and 20000 photons , the progress bar didn’t even reach 1% after 16 hours?!!

You don’t need to use AO to show us a model. Use a very basic setup with no raytracing.

R2 blend I’m sorry if my post was misleading, but what I am really trying to get at is my problem with yafray rendering times?

Wow looking fantastic so far. The detail on the engine is insane :smiley: I can’t really give you any C&C since I’m probably about the worst person to ask when it comes to engines and dirtbikes.

Did you have cacheing turned on? I’ve found it can really make some scenes render faster.

Whoa :o what a good and beautifull model! That was quiet a lot of work I guess. How much time have you been working to get this?

I hope you will finish your bike, I know it wil be cool. :Z

Good luck :smiley:

Gr8Readshark: thx, I tried cached mode yet no avail, still way too slow.

Roger: thx, well it started as an engine study of a motocross bike, the engine took about a week on off. Then after seeing neos masterpiece (ducati ) I was fired up in to making it into an entire bike.

great detail thats sick


im stuck, i trying to find out how you would model one of these discs with holes on on wheels…






I’m still having trouble with the disc, C&C more than welcome.

looks to me like you could make it out of a nice curve, and then make those little circles inside to cut the holes out. if the object has more to is that a disc with holes you might want to try surfacing it instead-still usign curves-but allows more shape since curves are kinda flat.

it shouldnt be a problem finding tuts on curves and surfaces…
…hope that helped

thx did not think to use curves lol %|

I am unsure wether or not to model or displace the grip threads on the tires?


Just getting better and better. You’ve dont a excellent job so far.
Now finish it :smiley:

I would use a curve circle with other curve circles in it for the holes.

nice detail so far.