Motor HD Wallapaper

hello! this is my latest work “motor” made blender 2.6 and rendered by cycles.
C&C is welcome!

hope you like it!

Did you intend for only be the middle part to be in focus?
Nice work. For my taste it is a bit too dark as it appears like a black withe image. It seems stange that part of the side (cog in the back) is lighted while the one in the front is not.

some update :wink:

I think you need to work on the lighting, I can’t tell if the model is any good or not, as most of it is either 100% black or 100% white.

This is a wallpaper, after all. The intention isn’t to show off a model but to just have a simple image behind everything else that you are doing.

I think for a wallpaper it is nice. I especially like the effect on the front gear from the reflection behind it.

Although more than anything that would have been the incredible goodness that I believe to be Octane render (Am I right? It doesn’t look like cycles…)

thank you guys, but purpose if the image is to be wallapaper and it is rendered by cycles. here you have wire image on it (i know my wire sucks) and english too…:smiley:

Wow, this image is really amazing, I love these flashes.

i know my wire sucks
Doesn’t matter if your image is looking great :wink: