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Okay, so recently I’ve been starting thinking about building a miniature magnetic engine (not electromagnetic/electric, just purely magnets) And I’ve got the magnets sitting here, and I conceptualized what it’ll look like. So I’m in need of some critique on mostly “work”-ability, this is not meant to be a beautiful work of art model. So any of you physics fanatics or just people that have a great general knowledge of things, let me know what I should change or improve about it. Now time for a picture and description.

Okay, the outside, semi-circle shape is composed of the ‘drive’ magnets (the ones that actually apply the force) In a full model, it would be able to swivel around the very bottom part of it to change the amount of force being applied to control acceleration.

The inner 2-part circle is composed of the magnets that would be attached to the drive shaft of whatever it’s operating. The magnets are slightly staggered because otherwise the drive magnets would just stop it half way in between them.

Well, this is about all I can say, please give me feedback. Thanks.

I think it would be better to finish your mortar project before starting another (adding realism, textures/materials and an environment). If you don’t you’ll probably end up with a bunch of unfinished project. At least I do.

Lol, this isn’t a Blender project, it’s a concept of a real life project. And the Mortar is about as finished as it will be, I accidentally closed it without saving it, and I don’t particularly feel like rebuilding it, it was just a test of a few new things I learned out of a tutorial, along with seeing my slight ability to model, which is the reason I stated that I wasn’t looking for mesh criticism and was looking for criticism on the plausibility of whether or not it’d work.

On the other hand, thanks though, I know what you mean. And haven’t started any other projects since the mortar pulled it’s vanishing act.

I know this isn’t a 3d project but can u add another light, or some AO, so we can see the front side of it better? I don’t know much about motors, but I don’t think a continuous supply of energy can be sustained without something to give it in exchange. Best of luck though, and show some results if you build it.

Okay here’s a better lit picture.

[QUOTE=Avenger96;1681583 I don’t know much about motors, but I don’t think a continuous supply of energy can be sustained without something to give it in exchange. Best of luck though, and show some results if you build it.[/QUOTE]

Well, see magnets apply the force on each other either by pushing or pulling, which would be a continuous supply of energy as long as they remained in that type of contact. I’ll definitely post pictures or a video if I build it and it does or doesn’t work. Just gotta go find me a piece of wood to build it out of.

Here’s the problem you’re going to run into.

For any given system, the input must be greater than or (for an ideal system) equal to the output.

With the system you describe using permanent magnets, you’re not putting any energy into the motor, so you won’t get anything out of it either.

Now, you could start it spinning, and it might spin for a really long time (especially if it was in a vacuum) and thereby approximate an ideal system of energy in = energy out. But eventually it’ll slow down and stop, and you won’t get any more energy out of it than you put in.

That said, there have been experimental (and controversial) motors that are powered solely by permanent magnets. No one is really sure how they work, but it’s theorized that they are actually demagnetizing the permanent magnets and converting that stored energy into work (like you would discharge a battery). So you could try for something along those lines.

I completely understand what you’re talking about. The energy being put into the magnets is the energy it requires to magnetize it. Along the lines of demagnetization, I spoke with the people from kjmagnetics, and they told me that neodymium magnets (permanent magnets) are not demagnetized by being held in contact with each other either in attraction or repel.

Here is a link to a video that somewhat inspired me to do this, as well as (as far as I can tell) shows a permanent magnet motor at work, with no energy being put into it other than it’s own.

Perendev Magnetic Motor

^^^If you read the comments to the video you linked, they prove that it is impossible and the video is a fake. But this is a cool project and I wish you the best of luck. If you can provide free energy for mankind, then Im all for it. :slight_smile:

Michael J. Brady ( CEO Perendev Magnatic Motor ) was arrested this spring in Switzerland
accused for “earning” 1 000 000 euro for non working magneto engines.

Me having a MS in physics, I am pretty sure there will be no forever running motor.
But who knows? :slight_smile:

In this forum, we obey the laws of temodynamics!

Therefore, no engine can work forever without an energy supply.

In the case of magnets, it doesn’t make sense that the energy they are using is the energy that was employed to magentize them and, at the same time, they never get demagetized, because it follows that they have an infinite amount of energy stored, which is obviously not the case.

No engine will run forever without energy supply. Period.

At most, if you can minimize friction and other energy loses, it may run for a long time, but will eventually lost all of its starting energy and stop. No matter what.

I already knew that that video was a fake, and that they got arrested, but that doesn’t necessarily make a magnetic motor impossible. After all, maglev trains do run (yes I know they’re electro magnets, but those have the same properties just with the benefit of being able to be turned on and off/reversed)

About saying they never lose energy he said they should lose very small amounts about 1% over the course of a hundred years.

And, if the magnetic engine isn’t possible, then I might look more for a way to use magnets to reduce the friction of a system to extremely small amounts there fore making the output energy much greater than of a normal mechanical system.

Either way, I’m doing something. Lol.

Well the trains use alternating electromagnets which serve as bearing and linear motor in one. But they show a real static magnetic bearing. ( Note: even this one has to be supported by an controlled electromagnet )
However most real use magnetic bearings are controlled electromagnets.
And please keep in mind any metal moving in magnetic fields will create eddy current such that even loss less magnetic bearing is not possible in theory.

If you should succeed to build a robust bearing from permanent magnets only you should apply as a professor at juelich :slight_smile:

May be you want to google for fluid / air bearings too … they can take loads some magnitudes higher.

Well… I’m totally stumped now… Thanks for the links lol.

Also, for everyone stating that it can’t be done, well, here’s one that I believe might just be it, it takes a few tries before it gets going but, it actually picks up speed if you watch the whole thing. Maybe there’s something I’m not catching, but as far as I can tell it works.

However, he does put an awful lot of momentum into the thing in the beginning, so, who knows. But still, the speeding up thing is what makes me believe that it might just be real

And here’s a second one I just found:


what you propose is called a perpetual motion machine and it just isn’t going to happen
as others have stated “you can’t get something for nothing”
it’s still fun being creative though isn’t it:yes:


interesting… but this does not belong in this forum.

Following this thread, I am not really sure if:

  1. You are a ‘wanna be’ ‘miss leaded’ ‘inventor’ , who really wants to trick physics as we know it.
    /* me was born in the year Berlin wall was built … went my way to ‘Diploma’ reads MS in Physics
    but may be i missed something on my way understanding
    may be a QED motor works that way …
    and scaling down to QM your vague idea holds …
    still you need to tell where the energy comes from and such …
    who knows ?
    If you plan to study physics (physucks but is worth looking into it!) I will be there to guide you along.
    Then either drobblins is perfectly right:
    “what you propose is called a perpetual motion machine and it just isn’t going to happen”
    or you have found something REALLY GREAT … well we’ve been not excluding the possibility, but i think it is rather very unlikely … and very unlikely in this case is very close to … not going to happen.

  2. You are a criminal trying to crop crude fantasies … which ( with so criminal energy ) can make quick money.

    Says i wont trust your LOL nativity and raise the suspect, that you are planing to gather material …
    preparing another attack … drain naive people
    Further you posted ‘off topic’ makes me wonder if
    Is it ?

Quite the contrary, as it all pertains exactly to what I was wanting feedback on.

Okay, seriously, I’m 19, I can have dreams and little experiments of my own in hopes that I may find something. You’re precisely what’s wrong with this world, no one trusts anyone, and it’ll be the death of every nation.

If anyone is off topic, it’d be you, for the sole reason of trying to determine what the hell I’m doing as apposed to trying to give info/insight that I was looking for.

Thank you, have a great day.