motorbicycle - by MZooly

modelled in Blender rendered in Cinema 4D R10.5

—because of the wrong server It can be seen…— does anybody know a free website place ? - that might help you out.

Thanks a lot but it won’t help - as I see I can only upload images there…

The model itself looks great, but the textures would use some more tweaking. The rubber doesn’t look like rubber and the lightsetup is kinda boring.

Thats nice!!. Especially like the detail on the engine/cylinders etc. But i reckon the viser looks a little odd. Otherwise awesome model:P

yeah, the visor, chain/belt drive & headlights are just a little off.

great render, what was the render time in c4d?

1,5-2minutes…in 12801024 size - there is another render in 25cm25cm size that was 3-4 hours… I think Cinema 4D has the best and the fastest render engine…

The Global Illumination system and Advanced Render were upgraded for C4D 11 so it may be even faster if you have the cash to upgrade. I still have 10.1 so I can’t say how improved it is. As far as your image goes to me it looks like the body is smaller compared to the exposed parts. But I am not sure if that is the low camera angle or if that is how the style of the bike is - not familiar with it myself.

Nice model indeed. But the rendered of C4D does not seem to be a miracle. You should rather use Indigo for example.

Nice start. Modeling seems fine. I would say that the frame tube would be a bit thicker in reality as what you’re showing seems a little undersized. Now, we’re not engineers here, so you just have to make it believable. But take a look at other bikes with the same single tube that drops below the engine, you’ll probably find that they appear to be a little fatter. It also doesn’t look as if the front fork is attached to the bike. From the perspective you’re showing, I understand that you may have not modeled it to save time and because it doesn’t really show up, but it shows up enough that I think you need it.

Keep going, its looking good.