Motorbike Agusta Bestiale

After the last car I wanted to do something a little different, a motorcycle.
Searching troughs the various models I immediately fell in love with the agusta bestiale, a concept body mounted on the agusta brutale.

Being based on an existing bike I’ve found the workshop manual for references.

For the moment I have modeled some parts of the front fork, brake system and the wheel.

Here’s the renders:

The tire need more work.

Looks really good :slight_smile:

Wow man the detail is superb! I must admit though, I’m a bigger fan of the MV F4 :wink:

Thanks Jake and Ross :slight_smile:
A little update with the base of the steering:

reference image:

Great progress!

I totally dig your lighting and material. Mind sharing? I would love my WIPs to look like that. Well OK I don’t have any WIP yet but I’ll get some eventually!

What’s up with the Spider Tank? Do you plan to get back to it?

Thanks JoolsMcFly.
The light setup is quite simple, I post a blend file with the lamps and the backdrop :slight_smile:
light_setup.blend (569 KB)
For I’m not planning to continue the spider tank, maybe in the future :slight_smile:

Little update:

the black parts are separated objects that will be sculpted to recreate the signs of the welds. I do not have seen other procedures to recreate this effect, some have already modeled something similar?

Wow. I don’t know how I missed this. Your attention to detail is superb, especially the fact that you added hex bolts and weld marks. Although it might help a little to actually have workshop plan.

Thanks for the blend file, I’ll check it out.

As for welding, check this post on 3DTotal:

End result look very good IMHO.

Thanks guys, especially for the link JoolsMcFly (that bike model is awesome :slight_smile: )

Little update with the weld seam:

They was first sculpted, then i baked them and used the normal map on a simpler mesh.

Love the welds! Great stuff, can’t wait to see more.

A lot of people-if a closeup isn’t needed- make their welds by making basic ring objects, uv-mapping them linearly, then use a texture similar to the one created by Blender’s Wood procedural to affect the objects displacement. The method is a lot easier to setup than sculpting all the welds, but the effect won’t be quite as good as a good sculpt.

Very nice!

that is really good!

Looks awesome!

Loooong time is passed from the last time I had posted an update.

I’m near to complete the motor of the bike, so here it is my update:

If you are interested in some wire, you can find it here:

Omg!!! I looked at those wires and its amazing! This is some pro modeling here. How long did it take you to model the thing? I cant imagine the patience needed, i say very good job there mate!
Either way you are a good modeler overall, i remember that GT you made…ah sweet ride.
Keep it up, i can hardly wait to see the final result, its going to be epic.

Wow! This is nothing but amazing! For a while I thought you’d given up on this, glad you haven’t!

Holy cow! Looking great man, not much to crit. Oh yeah: we want more! :slight_smile:

Masterful work! I can’t wait to see more.