AhoyHoy shipmates,

I guess this is really My second “real” piece of work with blender, my first being the car you were all so helpful with.

And here is my latest project, and im proud to say that i did it all WITHOUT logging onto here and asking stupid questions! yay me!

So i just wanna know what you guys think, and see where it could be improved. im determined to start making some really good works like some of the stuff i see on here everyday, so any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for looking at least. :cool:

oh, and before i get shot, here is the wire;

Well i really just wanna know how to start making it look more “real” and less like a toy.

Nice model. think you need to make the blue material on the bike look more realistic, and adding more detail to the moterbike would improve the look, like adding tread to the tires or somthing.

To make it more realistic your gonna have to start adding textures to your materials. The procedural textures that blender has built in is a good place to start, you will be able to get the speckliness that car paint with those, also check the link in my sig, you’ll find some examples to study (or use/modify) from there. That site rocks, it does.

First of all - nice bike.
What makes it look unrealistic on the first place - low poly mesh. You can see those angles allover the bike.

Also agree about additing more details - take your time.
I think its still early to talk about materials. Make your bike LOOK realistic first, so there will be no penetrating meshes, or pieces on its frame which dont make sense, you know what I mean?
Nice start, dont give up.

The tire could use some tread and at the moment looks numpy as if it’s lowpoly>setsmooth. but it’s a very good start and only needs tweaking to make it look realistic.

On the blue material, you may want to play with the shading.
with default
with custom
For her shaders, in the Shadings tab (F5) in the shaders tab, keep the diffuse shader as Lambert, but with reflection set to 1.0. For the Specular shader, change it to Blinn with specularity set to 2.0, hardness set to 500 and refraction set to 6.5. Also, set the Emit slider to 0.2 so it is shiny.

Hope this helps.

Just something like adding some bolts and rivets will help with detail i think

Your modelling is really good. Get yourself down to .