Motorcycle personal project, focusing on asset management

I started this personal project to explore the asset management features. I wanted to have a central asset, in this case, a motorcycle and then use different collections to create shots and environments. It did work however I think I need to combine this will view layers to progress it further. Eventually I’d like to be able to generate a full set of images using a python script and one Blender file. (any advice on asset management of this type and especially automated image generation woudl be greatly appreceated)

Here’s a detail shot using one of the collections:

I’m using these collections as environment and lighting scenarios:


Here’s a screngrab of the basic rig for the studio shot. There’s also a black scoop version of this with different lighting


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks @bartv
Great weekend thanks. A few 1 o’clockers working on my next project :slight_smile:

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Hey Dan!

I am a motorcycle lover myself, and love your work!

I’m a beginner with blender and I am also trying to learn the whole collection linking to other scenes.

I was wondering how did you right the bike to be able to override it in linked scenes ? Did you use armature ? Does it work with drivers ?

I have a mechanical product rigged with drivers and simple parenting, and shape keys, and I can’t find a way to override the drivers when I link the collection to others scenes.

Hi Sergio! Thanks for your message.
It was an interesting migration getting the posing to work. I couldn’t do it with just Collections so I set it up slightly differently.
I moved the bike asset to a new scene and put it all into a collection. I used parented empties to rig the bike, VERY simple stuff. I linked the bike collection to my “render” .blend file and then used a proxy override for the steering node. I actually recorded a video for my own benefit showing the process… hope this helps:

I cover the journey here a little too. It took me ages to figure it out:

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Oh wow! Thank you so much, I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out, you’re a lifesaver! I never found any tutorials or documentation covering linking non armature objects.

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